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I/we hereby accept full responsibility for any damage and/or theft that West Trailers may suffer concerning mentioned trailer/s in my/our possession for the rental period. I/we agree to return the mentioned trailer/s to the lessor at their premises on the specified date and time on my/our own costs regardless of any damage to the trailer/s or not. The lessor is not responsible for any tow-in or storage costs. The lessee/s will not be entitled to compensation of any nature, and will be liable for any losses of other people in case of a accident. Any losses suffered by the lessor are immediately claimable and payable by the lessee/s, regardless the circumstances that led to the damage. The replacement value of such trailer/s will be esteemed as the market value of that trailer/s. NO INSURANCE.
I/we also declare all information given as true and correct and I/we choose hereby my/our domicillium citandi et executandi as address are given above as my/our physical address for servicing of any document. The parties agree hereby to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate court in terms of Article 45 of the act on Magistrate courts, 34 of 1944. See Regulation 151 of the National Traffic Act, 93 of 1996. For your knowledge, at West Trailers. The lessee will be responsible for any Traffic fines and E-toll fees during the period of use of the mentioned trailer/s.